Volkswagen Transmission Services

At Rochester Volkswagen, we’re here to provide those transmission services to you.

Local Certified Volkswagen Transmission Service in Rochester, MN

Of all the parts in your car, your transmission is one of the hardest-working, perhaps second only to the engine. Your transmission is constantly moving, working, and changing to match the input you give it. It tirelessly functions to provide you with the power to accelerate at many different speeds. The best way to make sure your transmission doesn’t give out on you is to service it regularly, and at Rochester Volkswagen, we’re here to provide those transmission services to you.

Our Transmission Services At a Glance

Our service center can provide you with the transmission services you need, and our technicians are thoroughly trained in all transmission services. Take a look at some of the transmission services we provide:

  • Transmission Inspection – Our experts are ready and willing to assess your transmission for any signs of damage or problems that need to be resolved. They’re certified by Volkswagen, so they’re sure to find anything and everything that needs to be brought to your attention.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – Transmission fluid is the hydraulic fluid that drives the transmission, and it’s a key component of your car’s ability to shift gears. Exchanging this fluid refreshes the hydraulics, the lubrication, and the protection that the transmission fluid provides, thus preserving the life of your transmission.
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  • Transmission Replacement – While transmissions do need service, even the transmissions that have been cared for may eventually fail. We’re here to provide the replacement transmission and installation service that will get you and your car back on the road if that happens.

Volkswagen Transmission Service

OEM Parts Make Your Replacements Excellent

We have an entire stock of OEM parts ready and waiting for you to use. These genuine Volkswagen parts are the same as the parts used during the assembly of your car. That means they’re factory-quality parts that Volkswagen’s engineers have tried and tested to ensure they’ll give you the best performance possible. There aren’t any parts better than OEM parts for your replacements when it comes to parts, which is why we offer our wide selection of them to you.

Come to Rochester Volkswagen for All Your Transmission Needs

We’ll take care of you at our service center, much like we care for our customers from Rochester, Oronoco, Byron, Douglas, Chester, and nearby areas. Whether you relax in our comfortable waiting with complimentary Wi-fi and complimentary snacks, or you tour our parts and gear boutique with our complimentary beverages and coffee, we’re here to provide you with excellent service and VIP treatment. Set up your appointment online or by phone today!

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