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VW Brake Pad Replacement in Rochester, MN

Volkswagens have become quite advanced over the decades, and today’s newer vehicles can be expected to last for well over 100,000 miles provided they are properly cared for. This means routine preventative maintenance as certain parts wear out, including brake pad replacement. But just how often do you need a brake pad replacement, and do you need to do all four at once? At Rochester Volkswagen, we’re your go-to source for all your questions and Volkswagen service needs. If you’re wondering about a Volkswagen brake pad replacement, here’s what you need to know:

Why Do Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced?

Brake pads face the disc brake rotors and are among the main components of bringing your wheels to a stop. The pad itself consists of two parts: a steel backing plate and special material that absorbs the friction from each slow down or stop. With repeated use of the brakes, this friction material wears down. If the brake pad is not replaced on time, the backing plates can grind against the brake calipers and rotors and cause damage to the braking mechanism. You’ll end up having to deal with much more extensive maintenance than you would otherwise just getting a brake pad replacement on time.

You May Need a Volkswagen Brake Pad Replacement Faster than You Think

Many drivers are surprised to learn that pads wear down quicker than they anticipated their need for brake system service. This is especially true for drivers who cover a lot of mileage in short periods, as well as those who stop and go frequently. Volkswagen recommends all drivers of their vehicles get at least a brake inspection every 50,000 miles to be on the safe side. Most drivers will need a brake pad replacement every 25,000 to 50,000 miles.

Front Brake Pad Replacement vs. Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads should always be replaced in pairs, with the front two together and the rear two together. That said, you don’t necessarily need to do all four at once. Brake pads can wear out unevenly because the force is not always evenly distributed during stops. If done separately, a front brake pad replacement typically needs to be performed first simply because the front two wear out faster, while a rear brake pad replacement may be done either at the same time for convenience or a few thousand miles later.

Brake Pad Replacement

Where to Find OEM Volkswagen Brake Pads in Rochester

Whenever you get maintenance done on your Volkswagen, OEM parts (those designed specifically for your vehicle) should be used. They are most easily found at certified Volkswagen dealerships and service centers, and it’s what we offer at Rochester Volkswagen. Give our service team a call at 877-493-7349 or schedule your appointment online for new OEM Volkswagen brake pads in Rochester.


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