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Your Volkswagen model is the product of precision German engineering, with every part working together to ensure a truly enjoyable and high-quality driving experience. This includes wheels that have been precisely aligned to deliver maximum safety and comfort. If the wheels become misaligned, your driving experience will be both less safe and less comfortable. This is why regular wheel alignment service is important, and we will be glad to perform this service at Rochester Volkswagen, serving Douglas and Chester, Minnesota. Find out more here!

What Kinds of Wheel Alignment Are Available at Rochester Volkswagen?

  • Two-wheel Alignment – If you drive a two-wheel-drive vehicle, the chances are that it will only need two-wheel alignment, also known as a front-end alignment. In addition, four-wheel-drive models with a solid rear axle will also generally only require this type of alignment service.
  • Four-Wheel Alignment – All-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheel drive vehicles with independent rear suspension generally require all-wheel alignment.
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Volkswagen Alignment Service

How Often Does My VW Need Wheel Alignment Service?

At Rochester Volkswagen, we recommend having your vehicle’s wheels aligned at least once a year. However, there are times when you should have an alignment inspection performed sooner. If you have recently hit a large pothole, run over a curb, or been in a fender bender, it’s best to have your alignment checked. In addition, if you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, or if the steering wheel is crooked, or if you notice uneven tire wear, you should bring your VW in for wheel alignment service.

What Happens During a Wheel Alignment Service?

When you bring your VW to Rochester Volkswagen for wheel alignment service, our technicians will inspect the suspension of your vehicle, as well as the camber, toe, and caster angles of all your wheels. The camber angle refers to the tilt of the wheels compared to the vehicle when viewed from the front or rear. The toe angle refers to the wheels’ tilt when viewed from above or below. Caster angle is a way to measure the difference between the steering axis and vertical. If our technicians find any of these angles out of alignment, they will use precision instruments to restore them to their factory-approved alignment.

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