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The 2016 Volkswagen Beetle is certainly the sportiest and sleekest Beetle Volkswagen has turned out yet. With more and more technology, safety and driver assistance features than ever, it has everything you could want.

But what if you want more? That’s where Volkswagen DriverGear comes in. They have everything you could want to personalize your Bug with accessories that are stylish, functional or both!

Choose between Comfort & Protection or Sport & Design to get started on finding those perfect final touches for your Beetle.

Consider a set of MOJOMATS that coordinate perfectly with your car’s exterior color. These mats are different than the ones that come standard because they are resistant to color fading and clean up much easier.

The Snakey Headrest Hanger attaches easily to the back of your front headrests and allow you to hang three hangers, bags or other items each.

If you like to get adventurous in your Beetle but don’t want the carpet in the trunk to pay the price, the Muddy Buddy Trunk Liner is here to help. This liner was designed specifically for your car so you know it’s going to fit like a glove. It also has a raised lip to protect the rest of your car from spills.

This Men’s Gift Set isn’t just for men! It includes a hot beverage mug, a keychain and a flashlight, all proudly displaying the VW logo. Use these items in your daily commute or anywhere else they might come in handy.

Pick up a set of these vinyl VW logo graphics to proudly show your VW love on just about anything – even the back of your VW! These decals can stick to your computer, your favorite coffee tumbler or your guitar case (if you have one). Use them as a subtle reminder to everyone around you that you know what’s up.

Volkswagen Driver Gear isn’t just about accessorizing your car, though. Check out their website for clothing, toys and other items that would be perfect for the VW lover in your life!

Check out our inventory of the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle on our website! Then visit us and take a test drive!
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