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Everywhere you go, people are gearing up to go back to school. Children, teenagers, parents and even college students are hurriedly gathering together supplies, getting back on a normal sleeping schedule and making promises to stay focused this year (for more than a month).

This year, help keep that promise by arming yourself with the tools you need to succeed this year. Here ere are just some of the (free!) apps you can download to keep the year in check: (Apple & Google Android)

This app does exactly what the name implies. Fire it up and type in the word you need to define. No carrying around a dictionary, no thumbing through pages. Plus, if you misspell a word, it gives suggestions to try and figure out what word you’re looking for.

In addition to defining words, you can also switch over to in the app and find synonyms to use in that 10-page pape (or whatever it is you’re writing). You can also get push notifications for the Word of the Day and watch your vocabulary grow.

MyHomework (Apple & Google Android)

Never lose track of assignments and due dates with the MyHomework app. Assignments are color coded by due date and can also be sorted by class. Students can input class schedules as well (especially useful for the first few days of classes). The calendar view lets you see due dates for the month at a glance.

Graphing Calculator (Apple)

Turn your iPhone into a graphing calculator with this handy app. Don’t worry about carrying around those expensive calculators. The Graphing Calculator by Desmos app handles graphing, tables, statistics, inequalities and equations. Use that $100 for something you really need (like a new outfit).

Math Brain Booster (Apple)

Brush up on your basic math skills in just minutes a day with this app that presents math problems as games. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division mental math problems are a great way to stay sharp and make sure you retain those skills and even improve upon them. The best part about this app is that it’s great for all ages! Kids can play it to learn and parents can play it to get their minds moving in the morning and throughout the day.


Never buy another index card again with this app. Create your own flashcard decks for anything you need to study and study them anywhere! The app syncs up with the StudyBlue website, so you can type the cards up quickly on a computer and then use them on your phone while on the bus or waiting in line. Study them three different ways: flip the cards, read a review sheet or take a quiz. In quiz mode, you can choose multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blank. You can also choose which order it gives you the cards (first to last, least studied and hardest to easiest).

Within StudyBlue, you can also access desks already made by other students for thousands of subjects. You might even find one made for the exact class you’re in at your school if someone before you has already made them and save yourself time!

As you’re getting ready to head back to school, check out these apps and give them a download. It definitely can’t hurt.
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