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If you’ve lived in Minnesota for long, chances are you know just how beautiful it gets during the fall. Every corner of the state has something beautiful to offer when the temperatures begin to drop and the days begin to shorten.

Depending on which parts of Minnesota you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of fall beauty, you should plan your trips at different times. Here are the times that the leaves typically peak for each part of the state, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

  • Extreme north: Mid-to-late September

  • North Shore & North: Mid September-Early October

  • Central MN & Twin Cities: Late September-Early October

  • South: Late September-Mid October

  • Far southeast corner: Early to late October

Obviously times will differ from year to year and place to place, but these are a good estimate. you can look for the color report on the Minnesota DNR website and also sign up for regular email alerts to stay updated on the fall colors across the state.

North Shore

Head to the North Shore for waterfalls, lakeside views and scenic vistas. On your way, you can stop along Old Highway 61, known as North Shore’s “Culinary Highway,” for a bite to eat. As you drive north, stop off at one of the eight state parks along the North Shore for a plethora of beautiful trees and views. You can also hike the Superior Hiking Trail. Check out a local resort or lodge and stay for the whole weekend.


You can go towards the middle of the state for a great resort experience in the Brainerd Lakes area. Make it a fall getaway at some of Minnesota’s top resorts, including Grand View Lodge, Breezy Point or Madden’s on Gull Lake.

Southwest Prairie Country

Prairie country in southwest Minnesota provides a unique fall view. The prairie grasses and flowers showcase beautiful golds, rusts and purples. Blue Mounds State Park, near Luverne, MN, boasts views as far as the eye can see, full of fall grasses and red Sioux quartzite. Deer make their home in the park during fall and one section of the park is inhabited by Buffalo year-round.

For more information about the different areas of Minnesota in the fall, visit Uniquely Minnesota’s website.

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